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Established in 1925, Bloxsom Roofing & Siding is now in our fourth generation of family ownership. Jason Bloxsom is the grandson of Founder, O.M. Bloxsom.

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Commercial/Industrial Roofing Services
Extensive training from manufacturers is required for continued excellence. We receive the highest marks available from roofing inspectors.

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Over the years, Bloxsom Roofing has installed thousands of commercial roof systems in Northern Michigan alone.
Over 89 Years of Experience!

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Thermo-Plastic Roof Membrane

For many years now Bloxsom Roofing has seen the advantages of thermo-plastic roofing membranes. Being white in color, they reflect rather than absorb the sun's damaging rays, and unlike most membranes, PVC is a class-A fire rated system in any installation (it will not support a flame).

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Going Green - Our white roofs are green.

You and I live in a truly unique and beautiful area in northern Michigan. Our friends, relatives, and many tourists set aside vacation time and money just to come visit this area. Unless we collectively use responsible oversight, environmental damages will have an impact. If not in our day, what will we be leaving as an inheritance for future generations? 

It's unlikely that the roof choices you or I make will "save the world."

- The effective impact on the environment, be it good or bad, is usually through incremental changes, which, when put together make a difference.

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The Environment's Effect on your Roof.

The conditions found on your roof are perhaps the most hostile environment on your building. All the elements that make northern Michigan such a challenging place to live and play, wreak havoc on your roof. Our area is famous for both beautiful summer days, and winters that are measured by the foot. Extremely hard on your roof are the transitional changes caused by a warm day temperature followed by a nighttime plummet of well below freezing.

- This condition is referred to as Thermal Shock. Roofs without flexibility built into them will, sooner or later, fail because of this condition.

14 MAR

Sarnafil Awards Project of the Year

Sarnafil Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing systems announces the winners of its applicator “Project of the Year” challenge. Each year Sarnafil’s authorized roofing and waterproofing applicators are eligible to submit their most challenging projects to vie for this prestigious award, a $5,000 check, and recognition from their peers in the industry.

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18 FEB

So What Works?

It would be quite arrogant to claim to have all the answers, but our goal at Bloxsom Roofing is to stay current with the latest roofing innovations, while being conservative in implementing such changes. After much consideration, Bloxsom Roofing became one of the first roofing companies in Northern Michigan to begin installing single-ply thermo-plastic roof.
This change occurred in the mid-'70s!

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